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Introducing: Thursday Tidbits

This year, we want to give you a closer look into the daily happenings around Sesquicentennial State Park. Every first Thursday of the month we are going to share fun insights from our park rangers!

We hope these fun facts give you a better glimpse into the park we know and love! Here's the first #ThursdayTidbit from park ranger John Wells:

Hooded mergansers are a striking sight on our waters, often seen in winter diving for fish and other aquatic life. Males boast a bold black and white "hood" or crest, while the females are a beautiful cinnamon color. Be on the lookout for these and other waterfowl this winter!

Male Hooded Merganser at Sesqui State Park:

Female Hooded Merganser at Sesqui State Park:

Find this #ThursdayTidbit interesting? Share the link on your social media using the hashtag #FriendsOfSesqui!

Photos shared with permission. Copy-write Don Wuori.

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