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March 2018 #ThursdayTidbit: Sesquicentennial Splash Pad

This month's #ThursdayTidbit is all about the Sesquicentennial Splash Pad!

The Splash Pad at Sesquicentennial State Park opens this March! If the weather keeps cooperating, we hope to be open by THIS weekend! Sesqui is the ONLY park out of all of SC’s 47 state parks to have a splash pad. The Splash Pad originally opened to the public on Memorial Day weekend in 2016 and has been a wonderful addition to our park. It truly is a fun facility for kids of all ages! On bright sunny weekends ☀️🌞, this is the go to place in the park. When school is out during the summer, we regularly see multiple day-care & recreation department buses 🚌 bring kids in during the week. Many of these groups come from other towns & counties 🛣️ just to experience our Splash Pad. While our Splash Pad may be what initially gets them here, these groups love discovering all of the other traditional recreational facilities at Sesqui.

DID YOU KNOW: We have one of the longest seasons for a splash facility in the area? We try to have the Splash Pad open from March 1st until the weather becomes too unreasonably cold to stay open. This past year, the Splash Pad was open until Thanksgiving week! 🦃

The Splash Pad is still a work in progress as well. This past summer, we had to pause the facility to improve the concrete deck around the fountain spray area. Originally, we wanted a large natural grass area around the pad for people to relax on BUT we quickly found out that too much grass & sand clogs up the filters! 🌳🌴Originally, there was only one freestanding shade structure installed; however, this spring, we are proud to show off new shade structures around several the benches to help the visitor experience. We will be continuing to evolve this great feature, and provide a great experience for our visitors. 😎

We hope to have you come out and play in the Sesqui Splash Pad soon! #FriendsOfSesqui

Photos shared with permission from SC State Parks.

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