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May 2018 #ThursdayTidbit: Sesqui Boat House

May is here and it is getting busy at Sesqui! ☀️ College students will be finishing up their Spring semesters this week. 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 High school & elementary schools will be letting out for summer in just a few more weeks.

Our park office & store will be so busy that we must move the boat rentals 🛶⛵️ out of the building! To help with the crowds, Sesqui opens the center building of the old Boathouse close to the rental boats. This is one of the original Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) structures first built when the park was created over 80 years ago. 🌲 The center building of the Boathouse is made from stone, all the stone the CCC could find on the property during the mid-1930’s.

The two shower house buildings on either side are made from concrete…with the main ingredient sand coming from the park property too! We are holding on to the two shower houses for storage right now, but the middle “concession room” is a very busy place starting the middle of May. 😜🍫🍦🥤

Sesquicentennial State Park offers canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, jon-boats, and even stand-up paddle boards! ⛵️🛶 Boating is big business at Sesqui! We rent by the hour, from 9am to 5pm during the week. Rental hours will be extended later into the summer season on the weekends. After playing on the water for an hour or so, you can cool off with some ice cream 🍦 or cool drinks 🥤 from the same spot.

We will be expanding the retail sales in this facility as the summer season progresses. 👕🧢 It has been the perfect weather for coming out to play at Sesqui! We hope to see you soon! 😃#FriendsOfSesqui

Photos shared with permission from SC State Parks.

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