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The tree dedication coincided with Earth Day and Arbor Day as the newly planted trees replaced four invasive Bradford pear trees on site at Sesqui

Columbia, SC (April 29, 2019) – In celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day, the Friends of Sesqui nonprofit dedicated the planting of five new red maples to the Mimosa Garden Club of Columbia at Sesquicentennial State Park on Sunday, April 28th. Mrs. Linda Hickok, one of the Mimosa Garden Club of Columbia’s co-presidents, was on site for the dedication. The native trees were planted in the main parking lot at Sesquicentennial after the removal of four invasive Bradford pear trees. The red maple was chosen due to its rapid growth and oval rounded form for optimal shade, which will help reduce the heat-island effect in the parking lot, and its enduring fall color to enhance the central area of the park in the fall months.

“Removing invasive species has been a top priority for the park service,” said Sesquicentennial Park Manager John Wells. “Removing and replacing the Bradford pears with attractive, native red maples is a wonderful improvement to our park. We are extremely grateful to the efforts of Friends of Sesqui in partnership with the Mimosa Garden Club.”

The Mimosa Garden Club of Columbia has been a long-time supporter of Friends of Sesqui through educational efforts around the park. Their support has helped fund the outdoor education classroom (used by over 6,000 students per year) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) markers around the park. The newly planted red maples represent more than four years of support from the Mimosa Garden Club of Columbia to Friends of Sesqui and will be viewed by most of the park visitors for years to come.

ABOUT FRIENDS OF SESQUI Founded in 2011, Friends of Sesqui is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of Sesquicentennial State Park. The organization raises funds and facilitates special projects to enhance the park. Friends of Sesqui offers special events, volunteer opportunities and educational experiences for children and adults.

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