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Holiday Shopping at Sesqui!

Sesquicentennial State Park Store is open and ready to help you out. We have all of the last minute, unique, nowhere else has them, Christmas gifts that you need to buy now!

We have t-shirts and hats, even Palmetto Tree face masks ready to go under your tree. We have Sesqui & Palmetto tree/Moon coffee mugs primed for Christmas morning coffee. Color changing water bottles and Igloo brand growler canisters galore. Do you need a sticker to go on that water bottle or on the back of the car? We currently have 43 fun designs of sticker/window decals…some are even made out of wood! There are camping gadgets, cook books, and all sorts of things you never knew you needed right here. Ornaments, hat pins, hiking stick medallions are all waiting to surprise someone empting their stockings next week!

Are you an Ultimate Outsider that just can’t pick 1 favorite park because you love all 47 SC State Parks? We recently added some patches/stickers/medallions representing all 47 state parks, not just Sesqui! We carry a wide selection of local jams, jellies, pickles & salsas to snack on. We even carry a selection of local artisan soaps & jewelry to keep you smelling good & looking pretty for the New Year. There are toy RV campers, wood carved animal whistles, and nature based board games to play. All sorts of plush animals representing Sesqui’s wildlife can be found in the park store as well.

Many of you will be sitting by the fireplace on Christmas, and throughout this winter on cold nights. We sell firewood bundles too, and not just to campers! Our local SC firewood bundles come from the same supplier that many of the big retail stores in the area purchase from. Why should you buy from Sesqui? Because 100% of the profit from the firewood, from all of our products, goes straight back to the park!

So come finish that shopping list here at Sesquicentennial State Park, and have a Merry Christmas!

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